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Sergeant Cornel Young, Jr. Elementary School- Young Elementary offers regular classes, ESL, and bilingual special education.
Charlotte Woods Elementary School- C. Woods offers daycare services, Saturday Morning Literacy classes, and numerous activities that are intended to support its endeavor of academic rigor.
South Providence Branch Library - The Branch serves the area of the city just south of the central business district. Library service first started in the community in 1923 with the present building opening to the public in 1930. The branch houses the Edna Frazier Memorial Collection, the largest collection of materials by and about African Americans in a public library in Rhode Island. The collection serves as a resource for both adults and children.
South Providence Tutorial, Inc. - The objective of this program is to provide a series of workshops and other support services. The focus is on enabling parents to adapt new approaches and skills that promote normal growth and development of their children, and to increase the incidence of positive parental effectiveness.
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