Providence Preservation Society Industrial Sites and Commercial Buildings Survey 2001-2002

Mapping Application
The mapping component of this online database is a version of the "Providence Neighborhood Mapper", an Internet Map Server (IMS) application that allows the user to query data and create customized maps for any area in the city.

How To Use It
To access a map for a particular site, use the search feature to go to the Site Page and use the "Map It" link to bring up the mapping application, which will automatically zoom to the selected site. You may want to zoom out a little to view the context and turn on additional layers as necessary.

Once you are in the mapping application, you can access other Site Pages by selection the Hyperlink Tool and clicking on the site on the map. But remember - "Mill" Sites has to be the active layer (radio button checked ).

For further instructions and detail on available Data Layers, consult the following links:

If you have any questions or problems, email Jim Lucht.

The online Industrial Sites and Commercial Buildings Survey is a partnership between the Providence Preservation Society and The Providence Plan