Providence Preservation Society Industrial Sites and Commercial Buildings Survey 2001-2002 (w' some updates)
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This site is the result of an informal partnership between the Providence Preservation Society (PPS) and The Providence Plan. We hope that this resource facilitates and enhances research as well as provides an example of how historic building inventories can be made easily accessible on the internet.

The Providence Preservation Society (PPS) and the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission (RIHPHC) sponsored an update of the Providence Industrial Buildings Survey, first published by the RIHPHC in 1981 under the title Providence Industrial Sites...(more)

Local and state repositories containing materials pertinent to the project were searched to identify existing documentary resources. The survey team reviewed available secondary sources to develop an understanding of important themes, trends, and events that shaped Providence’s industrial heritage and gather information about the types of resources likely to be encountered in the field...(more)

City, state and federal governments are presently cooperating with local nonprofit, corporate interests, developers, artists and other constituencies to develop legislation, economic incentives, surveys and programs to encourage the preservation of the city’s industrial heritage...(more)

An extensive list of sources ...(more)

The searchable database is linked to an Internet Map Server (IMS) application that lets the user create customized maps of the Building Site in its context...(more)

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What's New
9/26/2007 Building Inventory: Data collected by the Partnership for Creative Industrial Space (PCIS) reveal a vast and diverse commercial sector operating within the Industrial and Commercial Building District (ICBD). Business information by building is now included in the database. (More…)
Atlantic Mills
The online Industrial Sites and Commercial Buildings Survey is a partnership between the Providence Preservation Society and The Providence Plan